How can there be less seafood on the New Year’s table? “Homecoming” uses 10 kilograms of ice to fill the whole box, which takes 30 minutes, and selects 20 kinds of seafood, just to present you a seafood meal!

Chu Xiaoyu, a kitchen expert from the coastal area of Jiangsu, picked more than a dozen kinds of seafood just to make a “big gas noodle” seafood big coffee; special chef Li Chuan came from Zhuhai to make an authentic dish, cuttlefish Great roast!

Welcome the New Year with delicious flavor ~

The first step in making seafood big coffee is to clean the seafood before simmering. Pay attention to the classification when simmering various seafood:

1. Scallops, cockles, clams, and shellfish simmer together;

2. The yellow croaker puts water in a colander and pours it with hot water.

3. The lobster tongs and oysters are simmered separately;

4. Swan eggs, green mouth, shrimp and conch do not need to simmer.

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