“Buy my flowers. A bunch of 20 roses costs only 20 yuan. It’s really not expensive.” On the morning of Valentine’s day, Li Xin left such comments after a hot search on the news that “a million roses were destroyed in one day”.
She has been selling flowers for more than a year through community group buying and so on. This Valentine’s Day is the worst time she has experienced business since she started her career. Last Valentine’s day, she sold dozens of orders just for community group buying. This year, she only sold three.
Li Xin’s purchase channel is Yunnan Dounan flower market, which is the largest fresh cut flower market in Asia. Unlike the previous Valentine’s day, there have been few flower farmers auctioned this year. Even though the price is only one-third of the normal price, there are still many unsold roses left in the garbage can.
Under the epidemic situation, the sweet Valentine’s day has become the helplessness of “one day millions of roses are destroyed”. But if we go further, the black swan epidemic is just a guide, behind which lies the long-standing disadvantages of Yunnan flower production chain, which are only magnified infinitely now.

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