The first “China International Fisheries Online Expo”, co-sponsored by the China Fisheries Association and the Dalian Municipal Government, kicked off on March 21st as a live online platform.

Affected by the novel coronavirus pandemic, many activities cannot be held as scheduled. As a national fishery industry association organization, Wei Yang, vice president of China Fishery Association and chairman of Dalian Kaiyang World Seafood Company, first proposed the idea of ​​hosting the first “China International Fishery Online Expo”. This idea was won by China Fisheries Association and Dalian The municipal government’s positive response and strong support, and quickly entered into implementation.

Zhao Xingwu, president of the China Fisheries Association, stated at the opening ceremony that the “fishing expo” plays an important role in China’s fast-growing fishery economy. The holding of the first “China International Fisheries Online Expo” not only saved organizational costs and reduced staff gathering, but also brought together the strength of the industry, stimulated the vitality of the enterprise, expanded the influence of the exhibition, and won more regions and more levels. Consumer engagement. It has played a good guiding and leading role in giving full play to the advantages of the platform in the network era and opening up new marketing models. At the same time, the live broadcast on the online platform can help people to choose high-quality protein ingredients more intuitively, and bring healthy and green seafood products to people in a fast way, so that people can eat seafood all over the world without going abroad.

It is understood that the first (online) international fishery expo brings together Alaskan king crab, Irish brown crab, British green snail, Canadian arctic shellfish, New Zealand green shellfish, Canadian zebra shrimp from internationally renowned aquaculture companies in different countries and regions on five continents. , Iceland sea cucumber spot, Chilean salmon, Argentina’s snow flakes, South Pacific tuna and more than 700 kinds of products. At the same time, there are high-quality products from well-known aquatic food companies such as Ningbo Jiabi Ke, Fujian Jiarong, Dandong Taifeng, Dalian Dayang, etc., and jointly set up a new platform for online exchange of seafood.

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