Haidilao: You still have to wait for an hour

Shanghai people’s enthusiasm for Haidilao is a little bit beyond our imagination.

Haidilao Shanghai People’s Square store on Sunday, March 22, 6.30pm. If it was placed in the past, the combination of this time and place sounds full of hints of “high traffic”, but now walking on the street, the traffic of people who have seen it has not recovered to the previous level, which is about before the epidemic About a third.

This is the seventh day after Haidilao in Shanghai has resumed its dine-in business. Some of the entrances and exits of the first department store where the Haidilao People’s Square store is located are still closed. The opening hours of the entire shopping mall have been shortened a lot, from 11:00 to 20:30. The mall also has a small passenger flow, but has not yet reached Haidilao. At the door, I heard the call: “Little table, No. 147 …”

The service attitude of Haidilao shop assistants is still very good. He indicated to Huxiu that the current allotment time is within 40 minutes to an hour, but the allotment area is not full, and he can move to the rest area to rest. After sitting down in the waiting area, someone came to register customer information, measure body temperature, and provided 75% alcohol disinfection spray. In addition, you need to show the “green code”, which is Alipay’s accompanying code. There is no need to sit at tables or seats in the waiting area, and it is not mandatory to wear a mask (after all, eating and drinking is required in the waiting area).

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