In the past month, the Wonderful Life, Xian Lai Duo, and Dai Luo Bo have closed down. Fresh e-commerce has caused many questions.

Can the fresh e-commerce model make money? Confrontation between investors and entrepreneurs

By the fact that the Dai Luo Bo was shut down, some entrepreneurs questioned:

In terms of efficiency, the daily front-loaded warehouse mode has not improved, but has declined.

Compared with the traditional way of buying vegetables, it is as follows:

1. The front warehouse is not on the side of the road, and customers need to push on the ground to increase the cost;

2. Because it is a door-to-door mode, the damaged fresh goods cannot be reduced in time and can only be thrown away;

3, door-to-door mode, one more door-to-door cost.

Above three points, the cost rises and the efficiency becomes low.

Of course, it doesn’t mean that it will not be profitable if the efficiency becomes lower. If the cost rises, you can target a small number of high-end communities in the city, improve the experience, and increase the gross profit to make a profit.

The disadvantage of this is that the number of users will drop sharply and the plate will become very small.

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