If the road is completely sealed and nothing can be delivered completely, Ali’s government relations department will also coordinate. As long as the approval can be obtained, there will be couriers coming to the countryside to pull goods. But even if the goods can be pulled, transported and sold, the cost of the whole transportation chain is doubled. In the case of cars and drivers unable to meet the market demand, the price increase has become a normal situation. The Hami melon, which used to be pulled out of Hainan in a car of 7000, now costs about fourteen thousand.
Picture from: Kecheng News Network
However, it is not easy to pull out Hami melon from Hainan. In this season, there are only a few tropical fruits in China, almost all of which come from Hainan. Pineapple, lotus mist and mango should satisfy the “tropical stomach” of Chinese people at this time, but now they can’t be shipped out.
In this case, Ali’s government relations department will step in. The head of the fresh food department even contacted Yuantong’s CEO to ask for help in car delivery. After receiving the approval, Yuantong almost used all vehicles to transport the fruits of the “food and agriculture” project, and then ferried them to Nanning and Kunming. But even so, the transportation capacity is still greatly insufficient.

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