On December 27, China Dili Group (Hong Kong listed company, stock code: HK.01387, referred to as “China Dili”) issued an announcement: China Dili has signed a share subscription agreement with Jingdong Group Co., Ltd. (referred to as “JD Group”). Jingdong Group will subscribe for 478,067,066 shares of China Dili at HK$798,372,000. After the transaction is completed, Jingdong Group will obtain approximately 5.37% of China Dili’s issued share capital. China Dili and JD Group focus on helping the development of the civilian production industry and contributing long-term value to the transformation and upgrading of the industry. The two parties will empower each other in terms of building agricultural infrastructure, agricultural product supply chain platform construction, and digital upgrading of traditional agricultural batch markets, carry out comprehensive strategic cooperation, and better share the benefits of technological progress with consumers and upstream and downstream partners in the industry chain. Dividends, reduce the cost of China’s fresh food circulation and supply, and improve efficiency and effectiveness.

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